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Gold Standard Framework Platinum Award

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully passed the GSF Care Homes Re Accreditation Assessment Round and have been awarded the Quality Hallmark Award at PLATINUM status.



Culliford House has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to meeting the wishes of its residents in the final months of their lives through better planned, more coordinated and compassionate care.

The Gold Standards Framework is a framework to enable a ‘gold standard of care’ for all people nearing the end of life and providing our residents with the best possible care.  We believe our residents deserve the best care that we can provide and this means a high quality, reliable and consistent standard –helping them to live well for the rest of their lives and die in the place and manner of their choosing. For many this means avoiding hospital admission in the final stages of their life, enabling them to die with dignity at home.

“We now work very closely with our GP’s and our staff have the confidence, training and support to talk to residents, plan their care and look after them in the home right up until their death. It is our firm belief that our residents should receive the sort of care we would want for ourselves or our loved ones. “ Julie Tombs GSF Lead Co-ordinator.

“The Gold Standard Framework has provided our home with procedures allowing our staff the confidence to meet the needs of our residents and relatives in their final days”. Suzanne Jackson  – Registered Manager.






Employee of the month – April 2017

Georgia Damon – Pope  Care Assistant


Has been nominated for her dedication to fulfilling her job responsibilities and a good team player. She had also been recognized by a visiting health professional regarding her manner, communication and attitude.

Also, consistently professional, passionate & respectful towards residents and relatives.

Alpacas come to Culliford

Residents, relatives and staff enjoyed a rare and unusual visit from two Alpacas Lightning and Sirocco.

Residents all enjoyed listening to stories about the two Alpacas from Wendy the owner as well as enjoying plenty of laughter and strokes!


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Employee of the Month – March 2017

Michelle Hayward – Night Care Assistant

march employee





Has been nominated for her dedication to fulfilling her job responsibilities and taking initiative on duties at night and is currently undertaking additional training.

Michelle is also consistently professional, passionate & respectful towards residents.


Employee of the Month – February 2017

Jemma Carnota-Turner -Head of Care






Has been nominated for her hard work and willingness to assist in the home wherever she can. Also promotes a professional reputation and is a good role model for others.

Jemma is consistently professional & respectful towards residents and relatives.

Connections Art Project

Following the success of the Connections Art project we have made a connection using Skype with a group in Italy.

We connected to Paolo and his actors who used their skills to break down barriers in communicating with vulnerable people(in Italy) too.

It was a brilliant opportunity and a new one for our artists to  share our passions with others who aren’t in our immediate communities.

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Dorchester Disabled Club Fundraising Event

Our fundraising event and grand raffle to support the local disabled club was held on 9th February and was a huge success!

Family and friends joined us for our Grand Raffle raising £61.50 for the Dorchester Disabled Ambulance fund.

Thank to everyone who supported this event and especially to John (resident) and Debs ( Activity Co-ordinator) for Organising the event.


Dignity Action Day 2017

Dignity Action Day – 1st February 2017

Dignity Action Day gives everyone the opportunity to contribute to upholding peoples rights to dignity and provide a truly memorable day for those receiving care. Dignity Action day aims to ensure that people who reside in care are treated as individuals and given choice, control and a sense of purpose in their daily lives.

At Culliford House we held an open art session. Our theme was dignity and connections. We invited members of the public to come along and help break down the barriers to forming connections with older people.

All guests enjoyed a cuppa and plenty of cake!

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