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Admissions to Culliford House


Our admission process is designed to be simple and straight forward to help make the move to Culliford House as worry free as possible.

A referral can be made by a local authority, a family member or by yourself. To make a referral please contact the home on 01305 266054 and speak to a member of the team or email marnie.moors@cullifordhouse.co.uk
It is recommended that you visit Culliford House to meet us and have a tour of the home. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you have regarding our facilities. If you are unable to visit, we can provide a virtual tour.

COVID-19 Admissions

New residents will be required to self-isolate in their rooms for 14days. Please refer to national guidance:
» Gov.uk Admission guidance

Pre-Admission assessment

Once you have contacted our home or made a visit, should you wish to be placed on a waiting list a member of the team will make arrangements to visit you at your home or telephone to carry out a need’s assessment.

Our pre-assessment criteria will look at a full range of health and social care needs to ensure we find out as much as possible about each individual. It is important that as much information is obtained during this process as this enables us to provide a person-centred approach and plan for each individual.

We endeavour to provide as much information and answer any questions you may have about the home in order to help you make a decision.

Having identified that Culliford House is appropriate and all parties agree to proceed with the placement, we will provide you with our contract and we will agree on a date for the commencement of agreement and the fees will be discussed.

Transitional care planning

The aim of this Plan is to ensure that the transition from their own home/Care Home or Hospital to Culliford House is smooth, seamless and robust with the individual being at the heart of every step.

Care Plan drawn up from information gathered at pre-assessment and information shared from current place of care. Shift leader to ensure it has been completed.
To ensure a smooth transition the date and time of arrival of the individual is documented in the Diary and shared on the Daily Handover to be certain all staff are aware. The Shift Leader needs to welcome and oversee the admission.

The Shift Leader at the time of arrival of the new resident will be the Transition Lead for that shift and transfer information to the staff on duty and those coming on duty. At the end of the shift the responsibility of Transition Lead will be handed over to the next Shift Leader so there is a rolling coordinator to effectively communicate essential information to embed within the Home.
The Transition Lead on each shift will have effective communication with the Transition Lead from the current place of care of the individual. This is to get an update and current condition of the individual, any change to medication, mobility aids to ensure everything is in place at Culliford House prior to arrival.

Confirmation from all involved with the Transition to sign off on the Plan, this may be done by phone documenting those involved and agreed actions.

On the day of admission, we will ask you or your appointed representative to sign the fee agreement which in turn is your acceptance of the terms and condition of your residence.

Prior to your admission you will be advised on what to bring with you. For further guidance on what to bring please do not hesitate to contact us. Furniture and other larger personal effects can be moved in prior to admission if agreed in advance. Upon admission, our care team will work to make you as comfortable as possible in your new environment.

We work with our resident, their next of kin (if desired) or appointed representative to create the personalised care plan. This Care Plan details the care that is required by an individual and provides our care team with the information required to meet their required care needs and lifestyle choices. While we value the important involvement of family and friends into this process, the best interests of the person joining us, their choices, views or needs will always take precedence. The Care Plan is continually developed and reviewed, with each resident, their family, friends and other professionals involved in the individual’s care and wellbeing.

Decision time and 4 week review

The first 4 weeks of your stay is seen as a trail period after which a review will take place to ensure all parties are satisfied that we can meet the needs of the resident. Individual care plans are discussed between the resident, their family, appointed representative and the management team and any changes are noted and agreed accordingly.

Emergency Admissions

Sometimes an emergency situation may arise when people have to make a decision about a care home in a crisis, perhaps after a fall or illness. In these circumstances we aim to be as flexible as possible to reduce the stress of an already situation. In these instances, an appropriately trained member of staff will make every effort to make an assessment prior to admission. If this cannot be done we will collect as much information from the referring party ( a hospital, local authority or family), the individual and their family where possible.

On the basis of all information provided a decision will be made and taken on if a placement can be provided. On successful completion of the assessment and review of all relevant information a member of the duty management team will make an informed decision as to whether or not an admission can be confirmed. We then aim to inform the referring party and arrange an admission within 24hrs.

Download our Information Pack

To help you make an informed decision we have carefully prepared an information pack that can be downloaded for your convenience.
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