COVID-19 information for Relatives

We have provided information about how we are responding to COVID-19 pandemic at Culliford House.

Can I visit my family member?

For the moment we are unable to offer visits without an appointment or entry into the building itself. We hope you will be able to arrange to visit your loved one in one of the following ways:

  • Designated outdoor areas
    We will set aside an outside designated area where visits can take place, such as the garden.
  • Window visits
    Where a garden visit cannot take place, a ground floor window visit will be considered in a dedicated space via patio doors or through an open window.

As long as your relative or loved one is well enough to go into the garden, we will arrange for you to see and talk to them there. We will ask you to maintain two metre social distancing and request that you wear your own face covering.

Should your loved one become acutely unwell or be approaching their final days of life we are able to accommodate essential visits. In these circumstances we can allow up to two relatives from the same household at any time to visit subject to the following arrangements:

  • Hands must be washed before coming into the Home.
  • Temperature must be taken by the Head of Care or Senior Carer before coming into the home and this must be below 37.8C.
  • Relatives must be open and honest and inform the Home if they have been isolating or symptomatic in the previous 14 days.
  • You will need to wear the appropriate PPE during the visit. A donning and doffing station for this will made available in the front porch.

How to arrange a Garden visit

  • You should telephone the home to book a visit.
  • Visits will be for a maximum of 30 minutes and limited to two visitors from the same household.
  • We aim to ensure all our residents receive a visit wherever possible and so the number of pre-bookable visit times may be limited.
  • If you arrive late for your pre-booked visit, the length of your visit will be reduced to ensure that other visits can go ahead on time.
  • If you decide to cancel your visit, please let the Home know as soon as possible.

What is the process for visiting?

  • Visits are by appointment only so please telephone the home to arrange a slot.
  • Visits will generally be for a maximum of 30 minutes. Those who travel extensive distances to visit a resident may be granted a visit of extended duration by prior agreement where this can be accommodated.
  • Residents can now receive up to two visitors at a time, unless in exceptional circumstances which must be discussed at the time of booking.
  • We welcome children provided they are under the supervision of a responsible adult and observe appropriate social distancing
  • Sanitising gel will not be provided so visitors should bring their own as hand washing facilities inside the property will not be available.
  • Visitors are always required to maintain a minimum safe distance of at least 2 metres.
  • Visitors should wear their own face covering.

Visiting a relative who is on end of life care

If a family member is approaching the end of their life, one person will be able to arrange a visit on compassionate grounds.  You will be shown how to use the correct PPE and must wash your hands thoroughly when entering and leaving the building. Please contact the service manager in advance, who will make arrangements with you so that you can visit your relative safely.

Visiting arrangements will be suspended where there is a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 within our home.

What measures are we taking to keep your relative safe?

Our priority continues to be preventing the spread of COVID-19 and maintaining the safety of our residents, their visitors, and our staff.

In light of the advice that older people must be particularly cautious, we are applying the social distancing principle as much as is feasible to reduce the risk of infection spreading between residents.
We are taking the same precautions with our staff, and any staff member displaying symptoms will not be allowed to enter our home until they have completed the required self-isolation as required by Public Health bodies. We provide regularly updated guidance to all of our employees and have ordered an appropriate stock of PPE so that staff can care for any resident safely should they display COVID-19 symptoms.

Since the beginning of the pandemic we have introduced stringent cleaning measures and continue to do so. To help reduce the risk of infection we are supporting residents to wash their hands with soap and water on a more frequent basis and are offering alcohol hand gel throughout the day.

Staff and Resident testing

The department of Health and Social Care have published new testing guidance this week. Staff will be tested for coronavirus weekly, while residents will receive a test every 28 days to prevent the spread of coronavirus in social care. This is in addition to intensive testing in any care home facing an outbreak, or at increased risk of an outbreak.

  • Staff and residents in care homes for over 65s and those with dementia will receive regular coronavirus tests from next week as part of a new social care testing strategy Care home staff are to be given coronavirus tests every week and residents monthly from Monday 13th July to identify anyone with the virus and reduce transmission.
  • Repeat testing will be initially prioritised for care homes primarily looking after over 65s or those with dementia before being rolled out to all adult care homes.
  • The government’s Vivaldi 1 care home study highlights the importance of regular staff testing while there is a higher prevalence in care homes.

The new testing strategy comes following the latest advice from SAGE and new evidence from the Vivaldi 1 study indicating a higher prevalence in care homes, and therefore a case for frequent testing in care homes and their staff.

Supporting residents to live well

We are continuing to do everything we can to keep life as normal as possible for our residents during the pandemic. Being isolated and unable to see loved ones for weeks on end can have a detrimental effect on both physical and mental health, so it has been more important than ever to support our residents through this difficult time. We have been finding creative ways to provide entertainment and a sense of connection with others such as a pen-pal scheme, activity packs, games, virtual tours, and exercise classes. Our dedicated staff team is on-hand to support residents to stay in touch with their loved ones through regular letters, phone-calls, and video chats. They are also spending 1:1 time with residents to lower the risk of social isolation.

We will continue to adapt to the changing situation by trying to source additional items for our residents where needed and keeping our residents’ physical and mental health at the forefront of all we do.

New admissions to Culliford House

New residents will be required to self-isolate in their rooms for 14 days.


We will continue to complete a pre-admission assessment with all new residents, but this will be done via post, email or telephone/video calls.

Virtual Viewings

At the current time we are able to offer virtual viewings of our home using video technology. You can request a real-time video tour. Please contact culliford house to book a tour with Marnie Moors our Deputy Manager.

How do I get in touch about COVID-19

If you have any queries regarding our management of Covid-19, you can email