Kay Thomas visits our hair salon every Tuesday situated on the first floor. Please inform staff if you wish to have an appointment for that day.

Spa Treatments

Every Wednesday we provide free spa treatments. Currently on offer are foot soak, with massage, hand massage and nail file & polish. We hope that providing these treatments helps the residents to feel well cared for and special, and help them to gain confidence in themselves to live their life to the fullest. Treatments are given in the ‘treatment salon’ or within the resident’s private rooms. In the treatment salon residents can chat amongst themselves, which also helps to build and secure friendships with the care setting.

Our chiropodist Julie Ching visits our home every 6 weeks. If you wish to see Julie, Please let a member of staff or key worker know to arrange your appointment.

Health Professionals
We have other visiting professionals to the home such as opticians, Occupational therapists, SALT team and physiotherapists. We can advise you on how to access these services during your stay.