Mission Statement

Our aim is to respond sensitively to the needs of each resident and their family. We are committed to providing the highest standards of Residential & Social care in a safe, comfortable and stimulating environment, where individuality is recognised and ensuring a person centred approach is adopted

We encourage each individual to reach their full potential by
promoting independence, freedom of choice and enjoying a good quality of life. In order to deliver and promote a high standard of care, we as a home are committed to on-going staff training and professional development and maintain good staff retention. We want to ensure Culliford House is an enjoyable place to live and to work.


By putting quality first in everything we do for each person we support and for all our staff, we hopeto be the service provider and employer of choice in the community we serve.


  • Is to focus on improving and developing.
  • The quality of care, support and hospitality we provide.
  • Recognising individuality and ensuring a person-centred approach is adopted.
  • Our staff, through training and mentoring.
  • Our environment to be warm and homely.
  • Our evidence-based practice and commitment to continuous improvement.
  • At Culliford we want to ensure Culliford House is an enjoyable place to live and to work.


  • To fulfil our vision and mission, we are guided by our core values of integrity, trust, kindness,dignity, compassion and respect throughout all of our services, hence.
  • We put people and their individual needs first.
  • We actively listen and respond to the people we support.
  • We support people to achieve their aspirations.
  • We seek out, appreciate and encourage the potential in everyone.
  • We strive to be honest, transparent, fair and ethical in everything we do.
  • We learn when things go wrong.
  • We encourage staff to have a work life balance.
  • We celebrate success and try to make life enjoyable for all.